about anamoly

about anamoly

I'm Esme, the founder of Anamoly. I began my career in fashion. After graduation, I interned with the iconic Alexander McQueen, which then led me to my first 'real' job as a print and technical designer with Burberry. This was of the time when Christopher Bailey and Angela Ahrendts worked with the brand and really shook things up. 

After 6 years with Burberry, learning, and supporting a timeless historic rebrand, I then decided I would freelance, understanding new processes and aiding brands with the experience I had gained working with some very talented people. I found freelancing and consultation to be so beneficial to my business growth, helping startups, high street brands, and luxury retail, each business doing it in a different way. I truly believe every day is for learning, expanding your mind and skills, and sharing your experiences with others.

Adoring fashion and the fast-paced inspiring environment I would still draw in my spare time to feed my personal creative need, this led to me beginning Anamoly and the prints you see today. I noticed there was a huge gap in the market for on-trend simple children's prints that appealed to both parent and child, which was innovative and not commercially driven.

One importance when starting Anamoly, was to ensure it was as considered and conscious as a brand could be, in this day in age, retail can be a huge challenge, but Anamoly continues to strive to only use local suppliers, conscious printing methods and sustainable materials, looking after the future for our little ones.

At Anamoly, we take delight in designing exclusive products that appeal to both children and parents. We craft and develop a range of durable, contemporary items that add that special something to your home. We are extremely proud of our wallpaper and fabric designs, which complement our tableware and homeware range, featuring, drawstring toy/laundry bags, aprons, and cushions. Adding that special, unique touch to your overall home decor that is bright and cheerful.

Created exclusively by UK designers, our homewares boast a design that endures throughout your family’s development, so as you watch your children grow and learn, your environment will be a pleasant and happy place to be. An important philosophy that underpins our work is that our wallpapers are FSC Certified, using paper from only sustainable forests because we know our commitment to the environment must be paramount.

We also understand the need for a growing family to have surroundings that adapt to their lives, and because of this, our wallpapers are scuff protected. For the safety of all your family, we also use non-toxic ink which is free from carcinogens also. Lead-free glazes are used on our tableware which is also dishwasher and oven safe. Day to day, for our customers, our products will help you take a practical, stress-free approach to family life. Both for today, and for tomorrow, parents and children are at 
the heart of Anamoly’s approach to design.

Looking after today, and tomorrow.